Julee Snyder bodywork

26 November 2011


This is my business, at least until I go to med school.  I am a massage therapist, yoga teacher, pilates teacher, and Body-Mind Centering Practitioner.  I’m also a former dancer, choreographer, musician, and performance artist.  The body and consciousness are my passions and the two come together in somatics.

So why medicine?  I still ask myself this question.  I have yet to wake up with the compulsion to become a doctor, but I am drawn toward osteopathy.  It is the tradition of diagnosing and treating with one’s hands that compels me, that and the capacity to make a living, to make a difference, to possibly remove some of the obstacles in health care from within the system, rather than from outside of it.



26 November 2011

Elephantyoga is inspired by two things yogic: Ganesha, of course, and a story that Judith Lasater told during her Rest and Renew workshop last October in Raleigh, NC.  It was a story from NPR in which a baby elephant falls in love with a Volkswagen Beetle stuck in traffic.  I have yet to find it, but let me know if you do.  The story was hilarious and I am eager to hear the original as the image has stuck with me.

“Imagine looking in the rear view mirror as an elephant comes charging toward you only to mount your automobile.”  Oh my!

So all in all, this blog is about obstacles, their removal, belly laughs, desire, love – real or imagined – health and happiness, all with yoga in mind.